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Restaurant responsible for failure to provide signage on nearby road

26Here’s yet another case that shows that you should always have an attorney investigate any auto accident, and never just assume that the other driver is the only person who is at fault.
Joe Annocki was driving his motorcycle on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, when he crashed into a car driven by Terry Turner. Turner was pulling out of the parking lot of a restaurant.
The highway had temporary dividers at that point, so patrons could only make a right turn out of the restaurant. Turner attempted to make a left turn, encountered the dividers (which weren’t very visible from the restaurant driveway), and tried to back up, at which point Annocki was unable to avoid crashing into him.
Annocki’s family sued the restaurant. They claimed that the restaurant could easily have installed a “Right Turn Only” sign at the driveway, and that it was irresponsible not to do so because the restaurant owners knew the dividers were hard to see and could have foreseen the danger caused by customers trying to make a left turn.
The California Court of Appeal sided with Annocki’s family. It said the restaurant had a legal duty to take reasonable, inexpensive steps to protect its patrons and others where it could see they would be encountering a danger.
It didn’t matter that the crash occurred on the highway and not on the restaurant’s property.


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