Massachussets Construction Law Attorneys, Hamilton & Hamilton represents homeowners, contractors and subcontractors in commercial and residential construction litigation and tradesman, subcontractor, materialman, or laborer who was injured due to the carelessness of a contractor or subcontractor.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in construction defects litigation, contractor and subcontractor disputes, mechanic's liens, collection of construction service fees and home improvement disputes and construction accidents.

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Hamilton & Hamilton provided me with excellent representation: knowledgeable, responsive, and cost efficient. I am a very satisfied client and have been pleased to refer others to the firm.- Edward

Our Massachusetts Construction Litigation Experience


Our firm's construction law practice is headed by attorney Christopher P. Hamilton. Attorney Hamilton is an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer with more than a decade of legal experience. As a former owner of a construction company, Attorney Hamilton has a firm grasp of construction projects, construction contracts and construction-related disputes that lead to litigation.

Our Construction Litigation Cost-Conscious Approach


As a firm with extensive construction litigation experience, we understand the time and cost associated with trial. To serve our client's best interests, we always negotiate in good faith with opposing parties or their attorneys to determine if an amicable and fair settlement is a possibility.

New Homes and Home Improvements


Disputes involving the purchase or sale of a new home are a frequent cause of legal disputes. Disputes involving construction defects and home improvements are also an expanding area of the law. Our firm represents homeowners as well as home contractors and home renovators in construction disputes.

Our Massachusetts Construction Accident Experience


The lawyers at Hamilton&Hamilton P.C., provide experienced representation for individuals who have suffered personal injuries or wrongful death as a result of a construction site accident. We are familiar with the federal and Massachuseets regulations specific to the construction accident claims, and can help navigate these laws to help you recover for your losses. There are a number of complex liability issues that pertain to construction accident lawsuits, so it’s important to contact an attorney in MAssachusetts who has experience in handling third-party injury claims. At Hamilton & Hamilton, our lawyers have handled workplace accident and personal injury lawsuits in Massachussets for more than three decades and have the resources needed to help you recover compensation for your losses.

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